What is our mission?

Imagineers International is a global collaborative partnership of representatives from within the digital creative industry. We aspire to collaborate, share and learn for the betterment of our members, our industry and our clients.

We are stronger together. Our partnership will strengthen the creative, design and technology industries. We will achieve this by promoting best practices, encouraging the adoption of new standards, eradicating misinformation and educating all audiences on a global scale. We will use these methods to share business opportunities, and to educate clients to be better informed about the options available to them.

We are better together. As a global partnership, we will attract and encourage the retainment of key talent within our membership organisations. We will understand each other and our strengths on a fundamental level, and use this understanding to cross borders and overcome limitations.

To achieve these goals, we will build and leverage an independent online platform. We’ll invite dialogue both amongst our members and from the wider creative community. We’ll encourage collaboration by leveraging our own knowledge and the knowledge within our network.

We’re just getting started. We plan to establish ourselves by expanding our reach in every region worldwide. We’ll do this by using word of mouth, actively targeting industry platforms, and running paid campaigns on social media. Via each of these methods, we will promote our knowledge, experience and the power within our network.

The ISE – where it all began

Imagineers International was initially set up as part of a European project called Innovative Sector Exchange (ISE). It ran for 4 years and was part-financed by the EU Interreg 5A 2 Seas Programme and the European Regional Development Fund.

The project helped small businesses from Kent, East Flanders, West Flanders, France, and the SW of the Netherlands innovate, connect, explore collaborative opportunities and discover international markets.